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I have been working in video and photography for over 20 years. I started out in the camera and video business selling, repairing, and teaching about cameras and video. I progressed into both technical and creative rolls. My experience includes: shooting video, stills, switching live broadcasts with multiple cameras and supporting the infrastructure that makes the digital artist’s work possible. I am part tech, part creative artist. The more I work with images, the more I get to explore light, shadow and color to see how they evoke both emotion and wonder in those that view them. Using tools like Apple Color, DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Creative suite, I can paint with light in ever changing and creative ways. As colorists, it is our job to make the final result more than the sum of its parts and help the cinematographer bring to life on screen what is in his or her head. The goal is to exceed expectations and in some cases do the impossible. No matter what the medium, we try to bring out the beauty of the images that we work with. Sometimes it is easy. Sometimes, it is like slow teasing torture. The colorist’s work ranges from “color correction” i.e.; fixing mistakes and flaws in exposure and white balance, to “color grading”; the actual art of painting with light. The colorist exists in this realm of emotion, mood, intent and passion. This is the place where the science of color correction meets artistic expression.
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