Portable Studio Project:
This was a project to see if I could replicate my home stuido setup without feature compromise but using small portable cheap equpment. Taking expensive stuff on the road is always a bad idea. Solid but cheap was my goal and I got it down to around $500.00 NOTE: The breath controller I already had and its extra.
Adriaan Taylor
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Adriaan Taylor
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CME - Xkey - Midi controller keyboard ($99.00) Lonovo - X61 Laptop - Hacked to run OSX 10.9
($150.00) KORG nanoPAD2: ($60.00) KORG nanoKontrol: ($60.00)
Logidy USB Midi Pedal: ($80.00)
USB Hub to connect everyting:
USB Breath Controller "w/ Headgear"

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