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Adriaan - Music Composer

I have been working in audio, video and music for over 20 years. I then progressed into both technical and creative roles. My experience includes audio recording and audio editing, music composition for audio books and even a music album or two. Utilizing tools like Steinberg's Nuendo Production platform, Ableton Live and a custom composing rig, I practice my craft in ever changing and creative ways. I am part tech, part creative artist.

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Adriaan - The Voice Actor

A Voice Actor exists in a realm of emotion, mood, intent and passion.This is the place where I draw from, merging acting and artistic expression to bring my skills to this wonderful creative craft.

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Music Composing


  • Themes
  • Background Music
  • Opening & Closing Credits
  • Production Music
  • Audio Book Credits
  • Audio Book Chapter Music


Music Composing Styles

  • Vintage Synth Tracks
  • Orchestral
  • New Age
  • Ambient
  • Soundtracks
  • Opening & Closing Credits
  • Audio books

I use a vast array of textures from orchestral to retro synths. Let me capture your next project with the perfect musical score!


Voice Acting


  • 20s to 50s Male


  • US Neutral
  • British


  • Believable Acting
  • Guy Next Door Charm
  • Geeky - Technical


  • Short-Form Narration
  • Commercials
  • E-Learning
  • Video Games

Recording Services

Studio Rental Options For Traveling Voice Actors & Musicians

  • Dual Walled 4x6 Top Of The Line WhisperRoom Booth
  • Acoustic Tuning Package (Installed)
  • Auralex Foam
  • Clean Signal Chain RME Preamps
  • Various Microphones

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  • (Hourly Fees Apply)

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